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Team Continental High Performance Driving Experience/Test & Tune – August 4th, 2017

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Hello Driving Enthusiasts,

So you bought that performance car and want to unleash your inner Mario Andretti, but want to do so in a safe structured environment and don’t know how. Actually it’s pretty easy. How easy you ask? All you need is your street car. No it doesn’t have to be a Porsche or BMW, it can be your 4-door grocery-getter. Automatic or manual trans, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure it has good brakes and tires. The only other thing you need is a Snell approved helmet (motorsports SA-rated preferred but M-rated motorcycle will suffice). Then register on for a Team Continental driver training event at Oregon Raceway Park –…  Often compared to a roller coaster ride, only with you at the controls.

So what do you get for that reasonably priced entry fee? Your car will be teched to make sure it’s safe and nothing is falling off. Make sure the inside is cleaned out and free of fast food wrappers and dried up old french fries the kids dropped in the back seat (don’t want any flying projectiles). You will get instruction from some of the best sports car racers, many with years of winning races here in the NW and beyond. Your assigned instructor will be in your car all day teaching you everything from the basics to more advanced techniques depending on your skill level. Between on track sessions you will attend short classroom sessions learning the theory of performance driving and then taking that knowledge to your next session on track.

Still aren’t sure? Well come on over and hang out with us, take a tour of the track, talk to the driving master and instructors, sit in on the classroom sessions. We welcome you to check it all out before giving it a go.

We look forward to meeting you and will see you at the track,

Dylan Olsen

Team Continental Driving Master


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