TC Annual Awards

George Brockbank Memorial trophy

The George Brockbank Memorial trophy is awarded annually in memory of one of our members who died while racing. In 1975 George had a massive heart attack at the wheel of his Datsun Sedan during a race at Seattle International Raceway. George was a late comer to the sport and it was the fulfillment of a life long dream to have attained his senior license. He built his own car and drove well throughout his Novice program. He was always upbeat and had a broad grin for everyone at the track. George was not a man of great wealth and was blind in one eye, yet he persevered and raised his family, founded his own business and by any measure succeeded in life. His accomplishment and the spirit in which this award is given is to honor the tenacity it took to overcome adversity and become a race driver. He was always so grateful to those that helped him succeed in his goal. The enthusiasm and spirit he brought to the track is still missed today by those that knew him. A great man and a loyal member of Team Continental.